Bespoke Branded Packaging

Bespoke Branded Packaging, presentation and point of sale


Did you know that our exceptionally comprehensive range of promotional products extends to bespoke branded packaging ? We’d be only too pleased to help you with your project, whether we supplied the contents or not. Read on to find out more about the various options available.


Beautiful bespoke boxes

Minimum production run is just 100 for beautifully handmade boxes. Our artisan boxes are produced by our skillful craftsmen, who take great care over every fold and point on the box. Before production begins, each box is thoughtfully plotted and drawn before assembly begins. Uses for customised boxes can include:

  • Packaging for a gift
  • Bottle carry case
  • Boxes for window dressing
  • Lingerie and bridal products
  • Presentation boxes
  • Limited edition point of sale

Our standard method of construction is paper on card and we use a variety of quality professional papers, from Fedrigoni and GF SMITH, and ICMA paper manufacturers. We can make boxes to any size, dimension or format.

Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, textures, linings and finishes that include embossing, die-cuts and felt-marking. The finish will help define the product it packages and will assist in communicating your brand message. A coarse, unlaminated natural card and colour for an organic product works well. Dorset Cereals is a great example of coarse card being used to give its packaging a natural feel which suits their brand identity.

For hi-tech or contemporary products, a shiny, clean or sparkling surface works well. Apple choose their boxes very carefully – their card choice and silver embossing contribute to the clean, cutting-edge, authoritative effect.



Wurlin bespoke boxesBranded box options

Other options to consider when choosing a box for your products include:

  • Bases and lids
  • Framed lids to display the contents
  • Hinged lids
  • Handles on the base

Our superior tailor-made boxes appeal to all the senses: the sound they make when you close the lid, the smell inside the box, how they feel and how they look are something special.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, get in touch with an idea and we can build it for you. Maybe you’ve sketched what you’re looking for? Have you seen another branded box that you like and think will work well for your brand? Send us your logo or artwork and we can create visuals to help you construct an image of what your finished product will look like. Get creative. We’ll make it for you.


Presentation and POS


We have the facility to manipulate foam material into packaging, point of sale or anything you can think of. We can form foam sheets, blocks or cut pieces to routing and thermoforming of foam.

We can cut to shape, mould and ‘engrave’ foam according to your specification.

Examples of products we have made for marketing purposes include:

  • Press packs
  • Packaging
  • Point of sale
  • Boxes
  • Bag inserts
  • Product presentation
  • DVD/CD inserts