We manufacture and source bespoke promotional products.


Product screen printing

Digital print processes


Product sourcing

Fulfillment & distribution

Store & forward


We have factories, partners, companies, freelancers and independent craftspeople that we trust, can negotiate with and have confidence in to deliver projects on a global basis.


Our client team are experienced account handlers, coming from a variety of agencies and in house teams. They know if you’re working for a client, then you need to be furnished with the tiniest of details so you can feedback on all available options. You can expect visuals, samples and images of previous work to back up your pitch or even a sketch to illustrate concepts, whatever you prefer. If you’re a brand looking for help, you can use us like an agency. We will take your brief and offer you options, fabric swatches, zippers or samples to help you decide the best product for your project. We can source, supply or create anything you can think of and turn your ideas into reality.



Why choose us?

  • We can liaise directly with your client or they don’t need to know we are here lending a hand.
  • We can provide advice, ideas samples and a huge product range.
  • In-house experienced design service.
  • Competitive pricing – tell us your budget and we will keep within it rather than try and spend it all.
  • We have a huge knowledge of bespoke promotional products to suit various campaigns.
  • Excellent global contacts, if we can’t make it here, we can source it.
  • We offer a range of British made bags and umbrellas.
  • Flair for innovative design, style and quality.
  • We do the running around, so you don’t have to.
  • Share your brief and we will solve it for you.


Come and see us if you want to feel what you’re thinking or want to sit with us and create it or let’s chat it through and we’ll send you prototypes or pre production samples to check the print finish. No job is ever the same for us, we are flexible and can work to suit you and your client.


We recognise we have a responsibility to the environment

We are always seeking new ways to ensure our business practises are sustainable and respectful. Our staff are proactive, we employ efficient use of resources and raise awareness among our team to sustain the long term protection of the environment. Our customers are increasingly aware of the impact of carrier bags and we have seen a huge uplift in retailers branding their own reusable bags for their customers. It’s a great way to reduce the waste of plastic bags but also promote your business. We have invested time and money into ensuring our products are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethically supported manner. We have great relationships with our factories and ensure standards apply to working practises.



Ethical Supply Chains

Working conditions are safe, hygienic and employment is freely chosen. Child labour is never employed. Our factories endeavour to meet all relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations and continuously strive to improve environmental performance.


If you would like to talk to us about any of our working practises, then do get in touch and our managing director will be happy to discuss in more detail.

Neddy in Central Park with one of our bespoke promotional products