About Wurlin 

Our team is small and precise, based in Somerset, UK.  We coordinate your project from start to finish. Our custom merchandise manufacturer project managers are experienced in taking your idea and managing it from concept, to sampling, manufacture then distribution. 

Not just a voice on the end of the phone, everyone in the team has a specific skill set that contributes to the business and allows us to offer you the best possible customer experience. Most of our clients have been with us for a number of years, used to a personal service and attention to detail.

black and white image of 5 people in Wurlin studio experienced in sourcing products from China

Meet Our Client Services Team

Luxury branded merchandise experts

Steve Hill

MD and client services leader
Luxury branded merchandise experts

Joelle Preddy

Project manager and creative coordinator
Luxury branded merchandise experts custom branded merchandise manufacturer

Rachel Hirst

Project manager and UK production leader
Luxury branded merchandise experts custom branded merchandise manufacturer

Greg Depledge

Logistics and accounts manager
ecommerce packaging


Office Manager

Choosing Wurlin for your project

  • Over 10 years of experience in sourcing products with a global supplier reach. We are trusted partners to clients for innovative manufacture, structured project coordination, and international distribution. 
  • Sophisticated production, fulfillment and delivery of projects on a global basis with an experienced custom merchandise manufacturer with UK-based client services team.
  • Competitive pricing – tell us your budget and we will keep within it rather than try and spend it all.
  • Vast knowledge of bespoke promotional products to suit various campaigns. 


In-house photo studio, quality control, graphic designers and our fulfilment team keep your projects working behind the scenes.

Custom merchandise manufacturer with resources that bring together a whole project for you from understanding your brief to everything in between and onto delivery of a unique product. 

Sustainability at Wurlin

Here at Wurlin, we have been working hard to make sure that we leave as little impact on the environment as possible. We insist on being different from our competitors when it comes to manufacturing our luxury branded umbrellas, bespoke bags and custom merchandise.

In 2024, we face fresh challenges and embark on thrilling new projects. Along with this, we’ve initiated a tree-planting campaign to counterbalance our global shipping activities and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. To read more about how this is making a difference, who we are working with to make this work and our other sustainable actions, head to our blog page.

Wurlin Group Limited are focused on unique product sourcing and manufacture. We specialise in creative solutions for brands and bring them to life through physical form. Find out more about unique bespoke bags from The Bag Workshop and unique printed umbrellas from The Umbrella Workshop.