Trusted partners for end-to-end coordination of merchandise

Trusted partners for end-to-end coordination of merchandise fulfilment services from product sourcing and bespoke packaging to storage, pick and pack fulfilment to global tracked shipping to domestic and commercial addresses.
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Creative brief development

Budgeting & shipping plan


Pre-production sampling

Fit for purpose testing


Global production

Quality control


Storage & global shipping

Pick & pack fulfilment

Explore your concept and develop merchandise concept

We work with you to explore your concept. We make suggestions on fabric, finishing and customisation options, then we consider your budget and shipping.

Each stage of the process is carefully considered with you and your expectations over time, budget and quality control are managed by your dedicated UK-based project manager.

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Sampling your product

Once the design and price is defined, we sample your product.  This is the opportunity to test the products and ensure it’s fit for purpose. 

Iterations at this stage can be changed such as the size or addition of a pocket or a colour change. 

Pantone references are checked, the lining will be inspected and the handle length measured to ensure it is the correct length. 

Other checks will include bag labels and accessories. 

Manufacture & Quality Control

Once the design and price is defined, we sample your product.  This is the opportunity to test the products and ensure it’s fit for purpose.  We work with SEDEX audited factories that we’ve had relationships for ten years. New partners are fully researched, audited and visited to ensure we know who we are working with and develop good working relationships. Quality control is imperative.

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Storage containers

Storage Of Your Branded Merchandise

UK based storage facility where we coordinate the onward journey of deliveries coming in from our factories. At this stage we may dispatch part of your order and label up the rest to store for when you are ready for them. 

You will then call them off according to the number you need and we’ll update your inventory and send the balance to the required address or multiple addresses.  


pick and pack items for Frolo

Pick & Pack Service For Branded Merchandise

We personalise packing your products going to various addresses. We work with you to define which items should be picked from your branded merchandise portfolio and shipped either globally or on a domestic shipping service to your recipients. 

You can personalise packaging, cards and products to suit your requirements. Different promotions or employee gifting can be defined and fulfilled.


Shipping Of Your Branded Merchandise

We ship internationally by sea, air and road, employing the most environmentally friendly option in the first instance. 

Our USA Importer Of Record Certificate allows us to import into the USA with minimal administration, which offers you seamless deliveries without all the paperwork. 

All shipping services employed are trackable.

Ethical Supply Chains

Working conditions are safe, hygienic and employment is freely chosen. Child labour is never employed. Our factories endeavour to meet all relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations and continuously strive to improve environmental performance.
If you would like to talk to us about any of our working practises, then do get in touch and our managing director will be happy to discuss in more detail.
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