Badges, Pins & Keyrings

Custom made metal pin badges, keyrings, lapel pins, button badges, cufflinks & jewellery.

Custom-made metal pin badges and accessories for gifting, celebrations, ecommerce, team uniforms plus marketing campaigns.

Bespoke backing cards, packaging, and labelling for point of sale, merchandising and shipping. Sustainable packaging for all shipping. 

custom made metal pin badges

Unique Metal Accessories &
Custom Made Metal Pin Badges

  • Custom branded keyrings
  • Custom made metal luggage tags
  • Custom metal lapel pins
  • Customised jewellery 
  • Full colour custom made metal keyrings
  • Custom made metal button badges
  • Custom cuff links
  • Custom metal bottle openers
  • Custom corkscrews
  • Customised branded trolley coins
  • No touch metal hygiene hooks
  • Customised golf divot and ball marker
bespoke branded merchandise metal and enamel Monzo branded keyring

Custom branded keyrings

Custom branded keyrings are popular with a variety if brands including property developers gifting new home owners.

Metal moulds of a custom branded keyring in any bespoke size or shape or thickness. Artwork can be printed, engraved or enamel filled according to your specification. Texture, plating colour and attachment can vary including the ring attachment, D-clips and chain length, colour and shape. Durable and premium metal custom branded key rings.

Custom metal luggage tags

Luxury customised metal luggage tags great for corporate gifting.

Luxury branded metal luggage tags for security tagging travel luggage. Custom metal luggage tags can include print or debossing plus interchangeable handwritten labels.

Metal lanyards Product Sourcing UK
Tate modern custom made metal pin badge

Custom made metal pin badges

Customised metal lapel pins for gifting, team wear or ecommerce.

There is a difference in effect between a soft and hard enamel pin badge. Soft enamel has recessed detail in it and is then filled with colour. Hard enamel is polished to a smooth finish. Customisation options for metal lapel pins include changing the image or message of the badge plus the backing card or other packaging options.  

Customised jewellery

Luxury customised jewellery great for social media brands and those pursuing their own products for sale at retail.

Gold and silver plated chains and pendants plus enamel finishes.

bespoke branded merchandise metal and enamel Guild Sports keyring

Full colour custom metal key rings

Custom branded keyring in bespoke shape are popular with a variety if brands including property developers gifting new home owners.

Printed artwork or photo full colour printed with epoxy coating over aluminium.  

Custom metal button badge

Customised metal button badges that form part of a merchandise portfolio, typically in gift shops or part of a promotion to show support for a campaign. 

Customisation options for metal badges include changing the image or message of the badge plus the backing card or other packaging options.  

Product Sourcing UK metal branded cork screw

Custom metal bottle openers

Customised bottle openers are popular with home, wine and food brands.

Personalise bottle openers with artwork printed, engraved, debossed or embossed in metal. Choose from cork screw openers with bottle top lever or simple talon openers.

Customised branded trolley coins

Customised trolley coins with your logo on – great for promotional gifts. Logo recesses are Pantone matched colour filled with enamel.
custom made metal pin badges

What is Die Casting?

Die-casting is a method of metal work manufacturing in which molten metal is poured into steel moulds.

The moulds, also known as tools, are created using steel and are specially designed for each project.

While the initial costs of the moulds can be quite high, it allows distinct economies of scale for larger production runs.

We use CAD Software to turn your logo or designs into a 3D die-cast metal product.

Step 1. 

Client logo is received as an EPS file.

Step 2.

Logo is then interpreted using CAD software.

Step 3. 

The logo then becomes a product.

branded metal tie pins luxury merchandise ideas custom made metal pin badges
custom made metal pin badges

Colours & Finishes for Bespoke Badges


Standard Range of metal finishes for badges pins and jewellery

We use a zinc alloy for our die-cast badges and pins. Finishes can be replicated. 

Pantone matched enamel colours can be used to decorate the pin badges, along with printing and bling embossing techniques.

See below standard range of metal finishes for pin badges.

branded metal coins in different colours

How Are Pin Badges Made? 


There are a number of stages involved, and will vary slightly from production to production.

As part of our production process we will supply a full pre-production sample to ensure you are happy with the product before full production.

What We Do

From the experimental and unusual to timeless classics that are retail-ready, we source and manufacture exceptional products for 

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media influencer launches
  • Ecommerce shops
  • Executive gifts
  • Sponsored branded products
  • In-store merchandise assets

Concept & Development 


Come to us with you idea or mood board and we’ll bring it to life with diagrams, dimensions,  fabric swatches, ball park pricing as well as sustainable packaging ideas and shipping planning right from the start so every avenue is explored and there are no unplanned surprises at the end of your project. 

branded metal tie pins luxury merchandise ideas custom made metal pin badges

Pricing & 



Once your concept becomes a defined size, colour, material or a more focussed end goal, then we price it for you and offer a project plan that includes timeframe for sampling, manufacturing and shipping.  This is also priced at this stage and you have a definitive agreed budget that won’t be exceeded. 

Sampling & Manufacture


Once the price and timeframe is agreed then we sample your product so you get a full prototype to check it is fit for purpose. At this point you can send it for third party testing to ensure it adheres to specific standards or you can approve and launch full production of your product. 

embroidery mulberry

Packaging & Distribution


Once the full order is manufactured, we can pack it into its retail-ready packaging. We can also get it tagged with appropriate barcodes or swing tags, before getting it packed up and ready for transit.  

Custom-made packaging, in-keeping with your brand guidelines or personalised for the recipient is a service we can offer and quote for so it’s all part of your budgeted costs. 

Once your order is packed up for transit to its final destination, you’ll be notified of its progress, when to expect it delivered anywhere in the world. 

ecommerce packaging

Storage & 



Your order may come straight into our warehouse where our team pick and pack your items for the next stage of their journey – either onto individuals or into various locations in the UK or rest of world. This will have been planned at the beginning of the project and all personalisation or specific requirements are refined and then fulfilled and your products are shipped using tracked delivery couriers. 

Storage containers

Global Distribution 


We ship from any of our global factories to anywhere in the world. We have a US Importer of Record Certificate which makes importing to the USA less time-consuming for you and we pick up the administration rather you or your client. 

We use sea freight agents, air courier or domestic couriers and we’ve been known to jump on a plane ourselves to hand deliver a project. 

Choosing Wurlin as your trusted partner for sustainable and remarkable branded products

Sustainable sourcing with no single-use plastic . Our protective packaging is compostable.

Ethical sourcing – we only use approved factories that are SEDEX audited and employ adults.

Pantone-matched products that sit perfectly within your corporate product portfolio.

Premium quality without compromising on ethical foundations.

Bespoke branded merchandise you can be proud of.

Familiar timeless classics to experimental, progressive products.

Wurlin Group Limited are focussed on unique product sourcing and manufacture. We specialise in creative solutions for brands and bring them to life through physical form. Find out more about unique bespoke bags from The Bag Workshop and unique printed umbrellas from The Umbrella Workshop.

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