Remarkable products, beautifully made, personalised and packaged

Luxury marketing merchandise, from experimental and unique bespoke products to retail-ready classics, we source and manufacture exceptional products for:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media influencer launches
  • Ecommerce shops
  • Executive gifts
  • Sponsored branded products
  • In-store merchandise assets
luxury merchandise ideas Andy Warhol x Tate Gallery pin badge on backing card
10 years of experience and a global supply chain, we can custom manufacture the unusual, sophisticated and reassuringly premium products.
Bespoke Product Sourcing and Manufacture
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We offer a range of superb branded merchandise for all businesses and industries.
Luxury Promotional & Branded Merchandise
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Personalised packs including branded goodies, sent direct to your target audience through the post.
Personalised Postal Packs
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Selection of superior garments for print or embroidery and customisation including woven labels, swing tags and packaging.
Clothing & Branded Workwear
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Specialists in bespoke bags and packaging, we explore concepts and develop branded, customised solutions in a vast range of textiles,
Customised Bags & Packaging
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Premium umbrellas with unique customisation details including engraving and seam-matching artwork for continuous artwork presentation.
Unique Premium Umbrellas
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Email us if you can’t see what you’re looking for. Not limited to what you see here, this is a taste of products we’ve completed for clients. Ask us anything,  we’ll be pleased to explore it for you.

Luxury marketing merchandise
for dynamic brands

Project Management

Our friendly project team are based in the UK and have a world of experience. We take your project concept from initial idea, to delivering it. The space between is efficient, well-practised, timely and we stay within your budget. 

colour matched skipping rope cord luxury marketing merchandise

Concept & Development

Come to us with your idea or mood board and we’ll bring it to life with a concise diagram with dimensions and proposed fabric swatches or samples.

Otherwise you might come to us with a come to us with a defined concept that you want us to create into physical form.  We can start the project either way.

We’ll refine your specification , work up pricing as well as your sustainable packaging ideas along with shipping planning right from the start so every avenue is explored and there are no unplanned surprises at the end of your project.

Pricing &

Once your concept becomes a defined size, colour, material, or a more focussed end goal, then we price it for you and offer a project plan that includes timeframe for sampling, manufacturing and shipping.  This is also priced at this stage, and you have a definitive agreed budget that won’t be exceeded. 

Sampling &

Once the price and timeframe are agreed then we sample your product, so you get a full prototype to check it is fit for purpose. We can offer third party testing to ensure it adheres to international and market specific standards.

All our production facilities are strictly audited for social and environmental compliance.

Storage &

Your order may come straight into our warehouse where our team pick and pack your items for the next stage of their journey – either onto individuals or into various locations in the UK or rest of world. This will have been planned at the beginning of the project and all personalisation or specific requirements are refined and then fulfilled and your products are shipped using tracked delivery couriers. 


We ship from any of our global factories to anywhere in the world. We have a US Importer of Record Certificate which makes importing to the USA less time-consuming for you and we pick up the administration rather you or your client. 

We use sea freight agents, air courier or domestic couriers and we’ve been known to jump on a plane ourselves to hand deliver a project. 

Wurlin Group Limited are focussed on unique product sourcing and manufacture. We specialise in creative solutions for brands and bring them to life through physical form. Find out more about unique bespoke bags from The Bag Workshop and unique printed umbrellas from The Umbrella Workshop.