Branded Merchandise
For Property Developers

Branded merchandise for property developer.

Branded merchandise for property developer. Customised new homeowner warranty folders.
Personalised leave-behind gifts.

Premium quality branded merchandise that can be ordered in bulk or by each new development.

Variety of options for repeat-use folders, bags and wallets as personalised gifts.
felt folder with white embroidered MORRIS text by popper closure branded merchandise for property developer

Branded merchandise for property developer

  • New home owner guide
  • New home owner bottle bag
  • New home owner key ring
  • Home owner user guides
  • Showroom gifts keyrings, pens, notebooks, umbrellas
  • Employee experience gifts
  • Personalised drink bottles
  • Customised stationery 
  • Home owner warranty folder
  • New property development showroom stationery 

Branded Merchandise For Property Developer

Pioneering design and sophisticated builds require the same level of engineering and commitment to all branded coalitions.  From new homeowner gifts and user-guides to employee onboarding and incentives, clients in the property development space demand the next generation of thoughtful, sustainable branded products that also sit in the luxe or inspiring category. 

Homeowner gifts such as bottle bags, umbrellas or key rings. Home user guides in personalised folders or fabric envelopes. Personalised employee gifts include drinkware, branded clothing or stationery.

Other ideas include takeaway gifts for potential buyers meeting at the showroom or office. Printed umbrellas for site walks. Many of our property developer clients invest in their teams with celebrations of work anniversaries, sales of properties and employee onboarding programmes. 

Talk to us about your objectives and we’ll be pleased to show you ideas or work we’ve done before to help you make the most of your marketing or people investment budget. 

End-to-end project management


At the beginning of a project we define your specification, we outline the schedule for your project. Inclusive of this are deadlines, sampling, production allowances plus packaging, shipping and fulfilment details.  

We also price at this point. All prices are quoted and there are no surprises at the end of the project to present your client with – it’s all mapped out, it’s documented and your project manager will keep you updated as the project progresses. 

We’re a small, flexible team and adapt to a variety of projects by dialling up our capacity with flexible, reliable freelance resource. This business model keeps our overheads low and our versatility impressive.