Wurlin’s British Range: Bags & Umbrellas

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Wurlin offers a range of British made bags and umbrellas for branding – an option worth exploring whether manufacture is an essential part of your brand or not. Our UK based facilities have been used to produce bespoke umbrellas for The British Embassy, as well as printed tote bags to promote British design abroad.

Umbrellas are made in Sheffield, while bags are made in Somerset, helping to protect jobs in the UK and create new ones. For clients based in the UK, the opportunity to have their branded merchandise produced in the UK (as opposed to Europe or the Far East) also allows for savings to be made on shipping. But that’s not all…

Another advantage concerns the timeframe involved in producing the bags or umbrellas. As there’s no need to send either samples or the finished products themselves by air or sea, they can be with you in the shortest time possible – ideal for urgent orders.

Pros & Cons

Depending on your individual specifications, however, there may be some limitations associated with this service. For example, our print room (for bags) in Somerset, is not able to include as many custom features in its creations when compared to the range available at our facilities further afield.

As for umbrellas, everything from Pantone matching to engraving can be accommodated. Check out the smart red Pantone matched handle on The British Embassy’s umbrella!  Whether or not your umbrella design can be produced in the UK or not all comes down to the type of print process required.

Wurlin has manufacturing facilities around the world, so if your custom design needs to be produced outside of the UK, we can take care of that too – from initial sketches right through to final delivery.

To find out more about our British made branded bags and bespoke umbrellas visit the dedicated websites for The Umbrella Workshop or The Bag Workshop or get in touch via our contact page.