Free Downloadable Pantone Charts

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Pantone colour charts allow for specific shades (from a logo for example) to be matched as closely as possible, if not always exactly – whether it’s reproduced on paper, canvas, rubber, etc. Companies typically invest a lot of time and money in establishing their brand, recruiting designers and agencies to help them choose the precise tones that’ll help them stand out for all the right reasons. At Wurlin, we really appreciate all the effort that goes into branding (or rebranding) and provide a Pantone matching service to ensure we’re all on the same page – or chart! In the design world, ‘red’ or ‘blue’ could refer to any shade in a whole spectrum. That’s why we’ve created our own selection free Pantone colour charts to help you select the precise Pantone reference you need.

Our colour charts take into account the different materials we work with and are designed to help our clients achieve the very best possible results for their brand. Whether you require bespoke bags, logo umbrellas, branded pens or another printed product, Wurlin can Pantone match your company colours. Colours within the Pantone Matching System (PMS) are designated a reference number and a corresponding letter that corresponds to a particular Pantone range – for example, C for Coated / U for Uncoated. Because colours vary in their coated and uncoated forms, they are not interchangeable. Wurlin’s Pantone charts are based on coated colours.