What do your corporate colours say about you?

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At Wurlin, we offer brands endless possibilities for incorporating company colours into logo umbrellas, branded tote bags, printed pens, etc. Our Pantone matching service allows you to reproduce company colours as accurately as possible across a whole range of promotional items.

After all, these elements are an integral part of any brand. Those carefully chosen colours communicate a message in themselves and speak to consumers subconsciously. The Logo Company’s Color Emotion Guide (right) shows how some of the world’s biggest brands are associating themselves with different qualities.

Where does your brand fit in on the spectrum – and is your promotional material provide an accurate reflection of this? Here at Wurlin, we are experts at incorporating company colours into all kinds of printed products.

Coloured side panels on canvas bags and Pantone matched umbrella shafts are just some of the custom options we can suggest to give added emphasis to your corporate colour scheme. Contact us to see what we can make especially for you.

Whether your brand is keen to position itself as friendly or creative, dependable or youthful, Wurlin will help ensure your printed promotional items are consistent. We have many years’ experience producing all kinds of custom products to support brands operating around the world.

Considering all the positive attributes associated with each of the colours on the ‘Color Emotion Guide’, Google did pretty well to incorporate so many of them into its logo: blue, red, yellow and green… Of course we had to go one better with our very own rainbow logo! Why not take a look at our Instagram feed? You’ll find it filled with some of our most colourful creations to date.