Branded merchandise doesn't need to cost the earth.
It doesn't need to negatively impact the environment.

bespoke branded merchandise metal gold plated necklace with hashtag and italic text My Girls

Innovative creative solutions for progressive brands

We work with innovative brands looking for exciting creative solutions that don’t negatively impact the environment. We work with incredible people on brilliant projects who aren’t afraid to challenge the way  ‘things are usually done.’ We are flexible, can try out ideas and can move things around to produce a creative solution that tells a brand story but is also sensitive to the environment.

Stella McCartney for ADIDAS

We teamed up with the fashion designer and the sportswear company to produce some very special #mygirls necklaces. The #mygirls campaign, designed to celebrate women and their passion for sports, saw our promotional necklaces generating buzz on social channels around the world. Lucky recipients showed their support by wearing their new jewellery and sharing pictures on social media using the dedicated campaign hashtag. The global campaign was originally launched in 2011 to coincide with International Women’s Day. Fast forward and we’re proud to have created innovative bespoke products for Adidas & Stella McCartney. 

Goody bags for the Oscars

At the end of 2015, we came as close as we’ll ever get to attending the Oscars – producing some very special promo bags for the after show events! As part of a British government initiative to promote UK creative excellence in the film industry, we manufactured bespoke bags complete with pocket and leather straps for VIPs. Of course, the bags were Pantone matched to the red of the Union Jack – download our free pantone chart to find the exact colour reference you require.

Star Wars Umbrella

We’re on a mission to ensure all our customers are happy customers and readily accept the most unusual of design briefs for bespoke bags, umbrellas and other merchandise. The Stars Wars style light sabre umbrella is a case in point! We’ve produced everything from heart shaped umbrellas to unusual double canopy styles, but this light up sabre style we made for one particular client always excites. As well as being great quality, it’s a real conversation starter and highly practical too – no need to carry a torch when it’s pitch black out at night!

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