Bags and Merchandise for BEATS

About This Project

Client brief: Our client wanted a premium branded fabric bag with unique print to ensure that it would stand-out. They wanted the bag to be of a high quality to last a long time, with a large capacity and the logo to be metallic gold. 

About the client: Beats is a leading American brand focused on sound quality in producing premium audio quality headphones, earphones and speakers. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, Beats has managed to introduce a whole generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. Beats is now a subsidiary of Apple Inc.  

Product sourcing: India, China

Quality control: Independent third-party audit

Fit for purpose testing: By the client

Distribution: Distributed to multiple different addresses in the UK 

Other products in the portfolio: Smaller natural canvas fabric bag, also personalised with logo and metal luggage tags.

Special features

  • Premium weight canvas, with cotton webbing shoulder-length straps. 
  • Gold foil logo print, and woven label