Case Study: HEXTIO Custom Made Bag

About This Project

Client brief: A completely bespoke bag made to transport an air filtration system.

About the client: Hextio by Radic8 is a portable, clean air desktop device. Hextio was designed for individuals based at a desk to decontaminate the surrounding air. This small unit has the capabilities to protect individuals from viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, spores, allergens and more. Featuring a miniaturised Reactor Chamber inherited from Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ enabled devices, Hextio safely and efficiently decontaminates airbourne viruses and biological pathogens that may pass through conventional air filtration systems. 

Product sourcing: China

Quality control: Independent third-party audit

Fit for purpose testing: By the client

Distribution: Whole consignment delivered to 1 UK address

Options for customisation

The client intended to distribute the pantone matched corkscrews as premium gifts, so we provided the following bespoke touches 

Pantone colour matching: PMS 705C for the body of the corkscrew and PMS 431 for the logo

Printing of the Latimer brand name and logo on the back of the corkscrew

Promotion of the website on the side of the corkscrew

Premium gifts

Branded corkscrews are an obvious choice for wine merchants and wine trade events but thanks to their wide appeal, they make excellent executive gifts for many different industries.

Amongst their many advantages, our corkscrews are:

Durable for repeated use, so the logo won’t rub off!

Multifunctional, boasting a wide range of features including a bottle opener, coated metallic helix, a small hinged sommelier knife and a silver metal arm for leverage.

Available with custom branded gift packaging – more info on our bespoke branded packaging page.