Creative Agencies

Concept development, quality control and end-to-end project management

High welfare factories, documented manufacturing credentials with tight quality control measures and third party auditing. Sourcing products from China taken care of by us. We use trusted partner factories that we have relationships with.

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Manufacturer of luxury packaging, branded merchandise and white label goods from progressive new concepts to personalised retail-ready portfolios.

We have experience in sourcing products from China from a small team based in the UK. 

What’s important for our agency clients? 

We work as your trusted advisor, we don’t expect you to have all of the answers, like your client might. If you have a concept that you want to pitch to your client but you’re not quite sure how to bring it to its physical form, we can help you with that through sampling or demonstration of work we have done before to help spark the imagination. 


Come to us with a diagram or mood board, talk to us on the phone about what you want to achieve and we’ll help you bring it to life with diagrams, dimensions,  fabric swatches, ball park pricing as well as sustainable packaging ideas and shipping planning right from the start so every avenue is explored and there are no unplanned surprises at the end of your project. 



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black and white image of 5 people in Wurlin studio experienced in sourcing products from China

We understand the importance of relationships

With 10 years experience of working with creative agencies, we understand the importance of a relationship.
We work with your client as you ask us to. If you want us to  liaise or invoice your client directly then we will. If you want us to sit in the background and you manage your relationship then we work like that too. 

We also like to work with nice people. Many of our agency clients have been with us for 10 years and when account managers leave, they take us with them, to their next agency.


sourcing products from China

What do we do that will specifically help your agency? 

We’re flexible and not so process driven that we can have a conversation about a project that doesn’t fit into a catalogue or rate card. 


Talk to us about ‘off piste’ projects that you may have thought are not possible or can’t think how to make happen and we’ll do it for you. 

Don’t expect the usual recommendations, if you want an embossed leather invitation for an art gallery opening then we can make that for you. 



Sourcing products from China with end-to-end project management


At the beginning of a project we define your specification, we outline the schedule for your project. Inclusive of this are deadlines, sampling, production allowances plus packaging, shipping and fulfilment details.  

We also price at this point. All prices are quoted and there are no surprises at the end of the project to present your client with – it’s all mapped out, it’s documented and your project manager will keep you updated as the project progresses. 

We’re a small, flexible team and adapt to a variety of projects by dialling up our capacity with flexible, reliable freelance resource. This business model keeps our overheads low and our versatility impressive. 


Sampling, quality control & factory credentials


We know that when you are working with a client, they demand a high standard and you are representing that, you need reassurance that the partner you choose, won’t let you down or add hidden charges at the end of the project. 

The manufacturing process can be audited by a third party as well as our own strict quality control measures. Each step of production can be monitored as well as our factory credentials being readily available for reassurance that our staff welfare is high and environmental impact is negligible.

Working with us, you have the reassurance that pre-production samples are prepared for your client to approve and sign off prior to production of your full order.