Branded Merchandise Works And This Is Why

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Companies from all industries have been using customised printed products as marketing tools for years. Here we take a look at the benefits of everything from logo umbrellas to trade show totes and branded USB keys –

Trade show tote bags

Trade shows are full of potential customers, which is why attendees often invest in printed tote bags designed to get their logo and brand message seen by as many of these people as possible. It’s inevitable that everyone leaves these events with armfuls of freebies and will no doubt be grateful for something to carry them all home in – make sure they pick yours and help get your name out there!

Branded USBs

Not only are USB keys really handy things to have around, especially in an office environment, but they can be loaded with marketing material, press packs, professional images, etc. Their compact size is especially convenient at conferences etc. when delegates are already weighed down with laptops and paperwork. We can provide your branded USB keys with branded packaging too.

Logo umbrellas

These offer an enormous area for printing and can incorporate company colours, as well as websites. Producing printed umbrellas that are built to last (ours come with a two year guarantee as standard), means your clients will get real use from this printed product. Customise your creation with special touches such as an unusual square shaped canopy, smart leather handle or interior printing and you’ve got a really eye-catching conversation piece that its proud new owner won’t be leaving on the bus any time soon!

Pens & Mugs

Offices need an endless supply of pens and mugs, which is why they are an obvious choice for so many, especially as they are comparatively cheap to produce in large quantities. Wurlin can help you produce something extra special if you want to ensure your printed mugs or pens become firm favourites – discover the options available on our promotional mugs and pens page.