Customised metal accessories

Custom metal keyrings, lapel pins, button badges, cufflinks and jewellery

Custom metal luggage tags

Luxury customised metal luggage tags great for corporate gifting.

Luxury branded metal luggage tags for security tagging travel luggage. Custom metal luggage tags can include print or debossing plus interchangeable handwritten labels.
black square shopping bag with gold mirror logo ESCAPE on grey background

Custom branded keyrings

Custom branded keyrings are popular with a variety if brands including property developers gifting new home owners.

Metal moulds of a custom branded keyring in any bespoke size or shape or thickness. Artwork can be printed, engraved or enamel filled according to your specification. Texture, plating colour and attachment can vary including the ring attachment, D-clips and chain length, colour and shape. Durable and premium metal custom branded key rings.

Custom metal lapel pins

Customised metal lapel pins for gifting, team wear or ecommerce.

There is a difference in effect between a soft and hard enamel pin badge. Soft enamel has recessed detail in it and is then filled with colour. Hard enamel is polished to a smooth finish. Customisation options for metal lapel pins include changing the image or message of the badge plus the backing card or other packaging options.
Andy Warhol x Tate Gallery pin badge on backing card

Customised jewellery

Luxury customised jewellery great for social media brands and those pursuing their own products for sale at retail.

Gold and silver plated chains and pendants plus enamel finishes.

Full colour custom metal key rings

Custom branded keyring in bespoke shape are popular with a variety if brands including property developers gifting new home owners.

Printed artwork or photo full colour printed with epoxy coating over aluminium.

Custom metal button badge

Customised metal button badges that form part of a merchandise portfolio, typically in gift shops or part of a promotion to show support for a campaign. 

Customisation options for metal badges include changing the image or message of the badge plus the backing card or other packaging options.

Custom cuff links

Custom cuff links for corporate gifting or for unique ecommerce.

Boxed beautifully and displayed for instant box opening effect. Bespoke cuff links can be personalised through artwork and shape. Choose from die cut shapes such as ovals, squares and rectangles with and customised through engraving. Or die cut initials or soft enamel decoration for custom designs.

Custom metal bottle openers

Customised bottle openers are popular with home, wine and food brands.

Personalise bottle openers with artwork printed, engraved, debossed or embossed in metal. Choose from cork screw openers with bottle top lever or simple talon openers.

Customised branded trolley coins

Customised trolley coins with your logo on – great for promotional gifts.

Logo recesses are Pantone matched colour filled with enamel.

No touch metal hygiene hooks

Great promotional tool for handing out to customers to welcome them back as lock down lifts.

Hygiene hook keyring made from metal that allows the user to touch pedestrian crossing buttons, open doors, press pin buttons and press cash machine dispensers without having to use their own finger and avoiding contamination with bacteria. Stylus feature available to add to allow the user to create electronic signatures as require.

Customised golf divot and ball marker

Luxury golf gifts or great for bespoke golf gifts for sale online. Personalised packaging available.

Gold and silver plated finish plus enamel logo disk or engraving available.

Metal finishes

Variety of metal finishes for custom made metal keyrings, custom cufflinks and custom badges.

There are a range of metal finishes to really customise each badge, keyring or cufflink. Some of the more popular finishes are gilt glossy, matt gold or gun metal silver. It’s possible to give the metal a matt or antique brass plate finish or be any of these colours to suit your end purpose or style guidelines.
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Personalisation options for metal accessories


Debossing metal work means that the artwork, shape or logo is pressed into the metal and leaves a recess and remains the same colour as the metal. It creates a clean, distinctive and subtle shape in the metalwork. Also referred to as blind embossing.

Colour debossing

Colour debossing is when the debossed artwork, shape or logo is filled with a colour either with ink or enamel. The colour will then be covered in a coating to protect it. 


Embossing metal work is when the artwork, shape or logo is pressed from the reverse side of metal and the effect is that the metal is raised (depressed) rather than recessed. The effect can be single or multi-level to create a three dimensional effect.

Printing on metalwork

Laser printing artwork to metalwork is an option. Supply your artwork as high resolution print-ready artwork.

Enamel badges and enamel keyrings

Soft enamel and hard enamel badges and keyrings offer a different effect. Soft enamel is a budget efficient option and can be Pantone matched. Hard enamel is a premium quality option and is fired then hand polished for a premium quality finish.

Adding branded bags or premium umbrellas to your portfolio is something our sister company can help with. Other solutions we can help you with include a fulfilment and pick and pack service.


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