Custom Branded Goods FAQs

Promotional Products – General

Our range of promotional products is constantly growing. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to suggest a solution. We are regularly commissioned to work on 100% bespoke projects and enjoy nothing more than a new challenge. Get in touch via


4.5 oz = Refers to lightweight cotton, like a men’s shirt. Fine for everyday use. Folds up small, cheap and easy to brand.

7 oz = Premium quality canvas – heavy duty, offers a more luxe feel for premium brands.

10 oz = Heavy canvas, stronger with a more luxe feel. Very durable and hardwearing with great longevity. However, the weave can be looser, so not ideal for detailed print. An undercoat can help alleviate this issue.

12 oz – Traditionally used for sails, tents and holdalls. Very heavy duty, suits certain applications. Great when used in combination, for the base of a bag or handles, when thicker fabric is required. Thicker fabrics have the added benefit of being stiffer and able to hold their shape better too.

We also offer certified organic and Fairtrade cotton!

Whilst a bag can have a gusset without side panels, it cannot have side panels without a gusset. The gusset refers to the material forming the bottom of a bag, allowing it to be freestanding.

Jute bags are made from a vegetable fibre. It is coarse in texture, but really strong. Often used to make reusable supermarket shoppers, it’s ideal for bags designed to carry anything quite heavy. Farm shops and organic brands are often drawn to this fabric for its natural qualities, which suits their brand personality perfectly.

It’s all about the weight. See ‘What is the difference between 4.5 oz, 7 oz, 10 oz & 12 oz bags’ for further explanation.

REACH compliant refers to the processing of materials in a way that is environmentally friendly and uses only non-hazardous chemicals for the health and well-being of workers. Most of our products are REACH compliant, but some of our fittings cannot be guaranteed REACH compliant. At Wurlin, we audit our factories to ensure that ethical business and environmental processes are adhered to.

D is for ‘denier’ and effectively refers to the thread count of the polyester.

The term ‘tote bag’ typically describes a large, open handled bag – often made from canvas.


Our vented umbrellas actually look like they have two canopies, but what a ‘double canopy’ actually refers to is an umbrella with a decorative interior lining. We’ve produced umbrellas with everything from cloud prints to bespoke maps on the inside.

For more information on rotary print, silk screen printing, dye sublimation, etc. please see our dedicated Print Technology page.

These stylish umbrellas are ‘walking length’, traditional in style and slightly smaller than golf umbrellas – ideal for urban environments!
Pongee is a high quality (190T – T referring to thickness and strength) polyester fabric. Owing to its fantastic water-repellent nature and quick-drying quality, it is perfect for use in umbrella making. Plus, it takes print very well… How convenient!

Fibreglass: Strong lightweight, with an element of flexibility. Less brittle than wood or metal.

Aluminium: Lightweight, allows for miniaturisation of mechanism in smaller umbrellas.

Wood: Elegant, traditional and environmentally neutral.

Carbonite steel: Provides great strength and durability in premium umbrellas.

Our umbrellas are tested to withstand gusts of up to 40 mph, and unlike cheaper versions are designed to turn inside out and recover. All come with an impressive two year guarantee as standard. Vented umbrellas allow for extra resistance, allowing wind to pass through them, reducing tugging in high wind. However, their 16 panel construction limits branding.
Umbrella material is very thin and translucent. Shadow show through refers to a technique of using 2 pieces of material and allowing the image the show through, creating a pleasant visual effect.
Our umbrellas are available in three main sizes: Sports, Walking and Telescopic. We also offer an oversized Sports style, mini Telescopic umbrellas and everything in between, including various novelty shaped umbrellas (heart shaped, square shaped, etc.)

General Enquiries

Usually you will get a response within a couple of hours, however we aim to answer all quote requests within 24 hours. For bespoke products we aim to have accurate costings within 48 hours.
Our lead times vary on all of our products and are quoted as being from your approval of artwork proofs. Lead times may also vary depending on the time of year as seasonal items become popular and we are forced to allocate all of our orders on a first come-first served basis.
Anywhere. For some clients we have supplied products for global campaigns which have gone as far as Australia. Obviously the carriage costs reflect how far we have to deliver but there are no geographical restrictions to how far afield we will go.
Yes. We will always send a visual proof for your approval. It will show the location of your artwork, the dimensions and the colour based on your description of how you want it. We don’t proceed until you are happy to proceed.
On bespoke jobs we always get a pre-production sample as a standard part of the process.

This will be completely dependent on the product selected. Personalisation options include print (1 colour to multiple colours), embossing, etching, engraving, embroidery. When we provide a quotation through to you we will always quote you on the personalisation options for that specific product.

No. It is very difficult to work out an accurate best price quote automatically as each item has too many dependent factors such as volume, turnaround required, number of colours printed, number of positions printed, origination, carriage etc. Once you send your quote wishlist to us we will get back to you with accurate prices within 24 hours.
For the vast majority of products all quotes supplied are valid for 14 days. However some product prices fluctuate daily – such as USB sticks so we cannot fix the price on these items for any longer than that day.
Initially we do not offer a credit account, we work on a payment with order basis. However for regular clients we do open credit based accounts of up to 30 days.
Very simply origination is the cost of setting up the printing process. It is a single fee that covers the transfer or your artwork and any other printing costs.
Yes. We can apply your brand to anything you like, including bespoke products manufactured just for you. The products listed on the website are projects we have completed for clients. For more ideas please give us a call, sketch it or create a mood board. Whatever works for you!
We always make every effort to Pantone-match your artwork but due to variations in materials and printing processes used we cannot always guarantee a perfect colour match. However where we feel the colours may not be well replicated we will let you know and advise any changes that could be made. We are always very careful in this respect and it is why we are regarded as our client’s brand guardians.
We do not have an ‘across the board’ minimum order quantity. Minimum order quantities are dependent on the production process used. For some high end products such as engraved glassware this may be as low 1, but for the majority of products you can expect a minimum order quantity of 100 upwards.
This is the file format for artwork created in a vector-based program. Vectored describes the process of creating paths and points in a program such as freehand or illustrator. The program keeps track of the relationships between these points and paths so that when the image is scaled for different print areas or curved surfaces, the paths are regenerated. These are the best file types to use as they reproduce the most accurately.
Of course, please do. Just ring us on +44 (0)1225 667979.
You will need to supply us with your artwork. This may be supplied to us by e-mail or on a disc format as a vector-based image. Using either Freehand, Illustrator or a high resolution PhotoShop file at least 300dpi and at the required print size or larger.
You will need to supply us with your colour references. Every colour has a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference number. This is a system used throughout the industry to ensure any printer can match colours specified by any designers.
It depends on the printing process involved: – it may be that a halftone or hint needs to be printed on a separate solid colour. We would suggest that you let us see a copy of the logo, we will then be able to advise you on the best way to proceed and give a more accurate estimate of the cost.
You will be sent an artwork proof, showing the colour separations, however actual colours cannot be shown by this method. This proof will require approval before the products are personalised. Amendments can be made at this point, if you are not.