Unique Premium Umbrellas

Custom luxury umbrella specialists with a huge range of options to customise your umbrella. We manufacture in the UK and the Far East with impressive customisation options ranging from engraved handle rings, Pantone matched popper closures and intricate print interpretation on the inside and outside of umbrellas. Employing a number of print methods we can manufacture photo prints on umbrellas, detailed maps on umbrellas as well as printed carry sleeves, bespoke packaging for the custom luxury umbrellas, embroidered or printed tie wrap closures and Pantone matched umbrella shafts and handles.

Experienced project managers we offer an end-to-end service from design of your umbrella, manufacture of your personalised umbrella through to custom packaging for your bespoke umbrella and shipping to anywhere in the world as a large consignment or personalised individual shipping to residential addresses either on its own or part of a larger bespoke branded merchandise collection.

Customised unique umbrellas don’t have to come at a cost to the planet. We offer personalised recycled RPET umbrellas that can be customised with print on the inside and outside of the canopy along with the customised engraved handle, decal at the end of the handle or printed tie wrap closure.

There are three main umbrella models for customisation. The custom golf umbrella range, personalised walking umbrellas for a traditional or modern take of the traditional walking umbrella as well as the folding telescopic umbrella that can be printed and decorated to suit your brand guidelines or promotional marketing campaign.

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